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With over 10 years fishing under my belt  both in match and specimen I will be telling all about my success. From barbel to carp to even little canal roach there is nothing I haven’t landed. I will be telling you all my hint’s and tip’s giving you a edge on your other angler’s.

Jan 2011..
I am now a field tester for a bait company called “Yum Yum Bait’s”. I have been testing their barbel bait called “Shell Shock”. its not only a very good barbel bait the carp, bream and chub also like its full on flavour. But its fast become the top barbel bait of 2011. Like I have been showing. Not only that a good friend of mind Andy Buckley showed me how’s its done on the  “River Trent” with a new Trent P.B of “13 lbs 6 oz‘s” Not bad going for saying the river was top of the bank. Another one falls to the shell shock AGAIN !!!.

Later this year..
Start of the next river season I will be starting my derby baits filming, fishing with my trusty HD video camcorder I hope to catch some good camcorder footage, in my quest in catching bigger barbel every year.Not only that I will be placing all my series on DVD for sale. But unlike many other anglers I wont be charging over the top price’s. and all the money raised will be going towards Macmillan Derby. My fishing store is still in the making but hoping to have it fully opened this year. From my very own derby baits to home made pike, barbel, carp and cat fishing rig’s. Also a god friend of mine Les has agreed to start making his very own pike drop off alarms just for derby bait’s.
Got a few fishing suppliers in the pipe line as wells from bait tech to even fox tackle but it all falls down to the online tackle shop.
My guiding is still up and running. But as the river shut’s on the 14th March I will be taking a break till June 20th. (Like the first 4 days to my self finding the barbel ready) price still set at £25per person per day, witch includes bait and day ticket. Tackle can be hired out.

Let me just tell you a little about “SHELL SHOCK” boilie. It started life as a carp bait. But a few of the barbel lads started to use it with great fish being landed. Last year Joe (Owner) decided to go all in with the bait and call it a barbel bait. Its been fished of many river’s up and down the UK from the Trent, Derwent, Dove, Seven to even the Wye Shell Shock is fast becoming one of the top barbel baits out their. Like many other bait company’s shell shock is making a name for its self.
Yum Yum baits have been developing baits and trading for 3 years now everything has been developed and tested home and abroad on all range of venues. These products are unique. Thus forming great customers and trade customers

Hears Joe (Yum Yum Baits owner) Number give him a call for all the details on price’s. TEL : 07971 541 689
Joe's email address - yum-yumbaits@hotmail.com.

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